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Guiding You Towards a Life with Less Suffering


Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth

Springboard to Success: Elevate Your Facilitation Career from Within

8 to 12-Month 1:1 Development Program
Creative Direction & Brand Development

Are you a facilitator, coach, or teacher seeking a profound alignment with your work? Do you yearn to guide your clients or students toward deeper inner understanding, unlocking their personal truths while nurturing your own growth?

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What's on your mind?

Have you been asking yourself these questions:

  1. How can I guide my clients toward deeper insights and personal truths?

  2. How can I enter and maintain the elusive flow state to enhance my creativity and effectiveness?

  3. What's the best way to explore and materialize big vision ideas?

  4. How can I structure my work to ensure sustainable growth while staying authentic and true to myself?


"The Spring Board" is your gateway to finding deep inner alignment with the work you do.


In this 8 to 12month journey, you will delve deep into self-discovery and inner observation, so that you can gain a profound understanding of yourself and the work you do with your clients.


This program is rooted in a holistic approach, recognising that your personal growth is intertwined with your professional success. You will explore tools and techniques grounded in mindfulness, emotional healing and creative expression, enhancing your ability to create content and programs that share your unique journey and resonate with your clients.

Create a Stable Foundation:
Align your personal truth with your higher-self calling
Explore your creative expression with ease & flow
Shift what you're attracting through Shadow Work
The Spring Board is a holistic online professional development program designed exclusively for facilitators who are developing purposeful projects. Providing you with deep pathway for professional growth & brand development.

Find Deep Alignment with What You're Creating.

Receive Continual Support:

Receiving continual support from a like-minded mentor who understands the unique challenges and opportunities of the wellness industry, offers encouragement, accountability, and guidance to help stay motivated, resilient, and focused on their goals.


Explore Deep Inner Work:

Uncover unconscious patterns, beliefs, and emotions that may be impacting your business decisions and personal well-being. By exploring these deeper layers, you can gain clarity, insight, and self-awareness to navigate challenges and opportunities with greater ease and authenticity.


Creative Direction:

Tap into your innate creativity and intuition to innovate, adapt, and differentiate your offerings in the competitive wellness market. By embracing creative expression and higher-self inspiration, you can develop unique products, services, and experiences that resonate with your audience and set you apart from competitors.

I've tread the path from shadows to self-love, a journey that echoes both the darkness and light within me. Wrestling with poor mental health, pain, and addiction, I intimately understand the challenge of making choices that lead to well-being and authenticity. My transformation wasn't scripted in spiritual texts or dictated by conventional teachings; instead, it unfolded through deep introspection, dedicated practices, and the audacity to make new, life-affirming choices. Still on this journey, I've learned to show up differently, discovering my place in the world from a foundation of inner alignment.
It's never too late to reshape your story. 


Discover your authentic self and help your clients do the same. Authenticity fosters genuine connections and resonates deeply with those you work with.


Align your work with your personal truths and values, creating offerings that resonate with your clients on a profound level

Enhanced Guidance:

Gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the human psyche, enabling you to guide your clients more effectively through their unique journeys.

Emotional Guidance:

Emotional guidance helps cultivate emotional intelligence and resilience to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Learn to recognise, understand, and manage your emotions effectively even during challenging times.

Goal Realization:

1:1 guidance and encouragement help you transform your big vision ideas into tangible, actionable goals and well-defined strategies. Accountability and emotional support is the key to turning your dreams into reality. 

Sustainable Growth:

'The Spring Board' empowers you to create structured programs and content that support sustainable, long-term growth. You'll learn how to nurture your unique voice and principles, ensuring your journey is both prosperous and true to your values.

Finding inner alignment with your work can bring these benefits:

Personal Truth

Embodied Creativity

Develop Depth

Inner Alignment


Holistic Approach

We understand that personal and professional growth are deeply interconnected. Our holistic approach addresses both aspects to create meaningful and lasting change.

Experienced Guidance

I am an experienced educator with over 15 years profession knowledge. I have also  been where you are and know how to support you on your journey.

Original Techniques

I offer a toolkit of transformational techniques, rooted in psychology, mindfulness, and creative expression. These tools will empower you and your clients to explore and grow.

My program is rooted in extensive experience and a deep understanding of personal development, coaching, and facilitation. We've helped countless professionals like you find greater alignment in their work and personal lives.

Here's what sets me apart:

Why Work With Me?

I understand the unique challenges you face in supporting others on their journeys towards their goals. Guiding them from a steady foundation is essential and deeper inner work is the key. That's why I've designed a professional development program specifically tailored to empower you as a facilitator while enhancing your personal and professional growth.

My Edge Is My Depth

Spiritual Alignment

Discover the profound impact of aligning your spiritual self with your professional path. Whether you seek a deeper connection with your clients or simply wish to enhance your own spiritual journey, my guidance and resources are tailored to empower your alignment with the spiritual dimensions of your work. 

Flow State Mastery

Discover the art of accessing and sustaining the elusive flow state. This skill isn't just about being productive; it's about unlocking your full creative potential. 'The Spring Board' provides you with the tools and techniques to tap into this state at will, enhancing your ability to inspire and guide others.

Transformation Toolkit

Gain access to an extensive toolkit filled with practices and techniques that will elevate both your personal growth and your ability to guide others into their depth. These resources are carefully curated to empower you with versatile methods for creating profound and lasting change in yourself and your clients.

My approach to your professional growth stands out for three key teachings.

Original Path:
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Are you curious to see if we can work together?

Let's connect and talk about your needs and my approach.

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