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Guiding You On Your Journey Of Self-Discovery


Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth

Online Practice Sessions

In these sessions we will explore self-observation practices in a creative way opening up to their dynamic affects:
Discover the depths of our body awareness
Experiment with breathing techniques
Experience a range of tools for self-regulation
Play with visualisation

This is for those people who aspire to dedicate themselves to their personal practice and development.
Drop-in when you can and attend as many as you like.

Self-observation can be likened to watching a movie of one's life, wherein you are both the observer and the observed. Traditional meditation, on the other hand, might be more like sitting in a peaceful, empty cinema, reveling in the stillness and quiet.


Deep Dive into Body Awareness: Immerse yourself in the exploration of self-observation through creative practices. Uncover the profound depths of body awareness, fostering a stronger connection between mind and body.

Breathe and Transform: Experiment with powerful breathing techniques that go beyond the ordinary. Learn to use your breath as a tool for self-regulation, promoting a sense of calm, focus, and inner balance.

Tools for Your Personal Toolbox: Experience a diverse range of tools for self-regulation, each session offering new insights and practices. From visualization to creative exercises, these tools empower you on your journey of self-discovery.

You are invited to join my Daily Practice Group
Finding the discipline to priorities self-care can be challenging for those with a busy life.

The DAILY PRACTICE offers a space that you can commit to. For 30-minutes Monday - Friday, we will turn our awareness inwards to connect to our sense of self.

FREE Zoom Sessions
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Spread the word and let’s all embrace self-observation as a way to contribute to a better society.
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