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Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth


Online Practice Sessions

Online Practice Sessions

Online Practice Sessions

FREE Zoom Sessions

You are invited to join my Daily Practice Group
Finding the discipline to priorities self-care can be challenging for those with a busy life.

The DAILY PRACTICE offers a space that you can commit to. For 30-minute each day, we will turn our awareness inwards to connect to our sense of self.

FREE to attend
Mon-Fri 8:30am CET / 7:30am GMT

In these sessions we will explore self-observation practices in a creative way opening up to their dynamic affects:
Discover the depths of our body awareness
Experiment with breathing techniques
Experience a range of tools for self-regulation
Play with visualisation

This is for those people who aspire to dedicate themselves to their personal practice and development.
Drop-in when you can and attend as many as you like.

MEETING: 295 849 2587
PASSWORD: alignment

So, how does self-observation differ from traditional meditation?

Traditional meditation often centers around specific techniques or practices such as focusing on the breath, chanting mantras, or visualizing peaceful images. The primary goal is to cultivate a state of inner calm, awareness, and sometimes, transcendence. While meditation seeks to quiet the mind, self-observation actively engages with the mind's content.

Self-observation can be likened to watching a movie of one's life, wherein you are both the observer and the observed. Traditional meditation, on the other hand, might be more like sitting in a peaceful, empty cinema, reveling in the stillness and quiet.

Both are valuable tools in the arsenal of those seeking personal growth and spiritual development.

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