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Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth


My evolution: 

A Visual Journey

Creative expressions are an intrinsic part of my process of self-reflection and expansion. I explore and respond at each stage of awareness as I move through levels of consciousness.

Welcome to my portfolio, a visual journey through the range of my creativity, self-exploration, and response to the world. An artistic expressions that delves into the depths of consciousness, challenges societal norms, and embraces the liberation of authentic creation.

My artistic path has been a pilgrimage, guided by the yearning for freedom in mind, heart, and existence itself. Each stroke of the brush, each composition of shape and color, represents a stepping stone on this journey towards self-discovery and the exploration of universal truths. 

As an artist, I challenge the constraints of the mind and tread the path of the outsider artist. Here, I invite you to join me in this voyage of mindful creation, where emotion and order dance harmoniously. Embrace the interplay, witness the dialogue and experience the unbridled expressions that will hopefully complete a circuit within, leading you to the serene simplicity of pure appreciation.

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