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Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth


In the wake of my explorations in the East, a new chapter of inspiration emerged, intricately woven with my quest for inner peace. In my contemplations with nature, philosophy, spirituality, and mysticism—each avenue an invitation to unravel truth, I found whispers of the great cycle of life. In the boundless Indian sky and the eastern horizon on the sea surrounding Hong Kong sea I discovered a profound resonance, a sense of connection to the universe that transcended words.

As Above So Below

As Above So Below

2017- 2018

In search of universal harmony

India, Hong Kong

During this phase of my creative expression, my meditations soared to heights of profound consciousness. In certain moments, I felt a connection with an elevated awareness, a realm perhaps beyond the confines of the physical, waiting to materialize. Within this frequency, I discerned the delicate pattern of harmony and balance, as if they were cosmic threads weaving through the fabric of existence.

In the midst of this ethereal dance, I was drawn to the notion that translating this experience into the visual could act as a catalyst for deeper conversations. The act of manifesting this inspiration through the photographic image seemed like a way to initiate expressions centered around harmony and balance. These creations stand as bridges between the seen and the unseen, inviting viewers to contemplate the symphony of energies that dance beyond the veil of our ordinary perception.

Drawing from the Hermetic principles, I ventured into a realm where line and form intersected with the natural world. These juxtapositions acted as a catalyst for contemplation, disrupting the familiar and prompting questions that echoed in the silence. Through these visual dialogues, I sought to unearth the hidden currents of the cosmos, while shedding light on the intricate dance between the artificial and the organic.

These deep contemplations of digitally generated images, capture the essence of light and color. Nature's palette became my muse, each hue and shade a whisper from the universe, a reminder of the intricate beauty woven into every atoms, a symphony of existence that resonates both within and beyond the confines of our senses.

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