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Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth


Within this collection of mixed-media video collages, I immerse myself in the temporal instants while embracing the eloquent simplicity of form. Drawn from the memories of my journeys and the effervescent interplay of nature and light, color becomes a bridge between the organic and the artificial.
My compositions are an invitation to ponder equilibrium through an unconventional lens. As I arrange these visual fragments, I navigate the boundary between tradition and innovation, orchestrating a subtle arrangement of elements that challenge the norm yet beckon to an innate sense of balance. These momentary immersion in my artistic journey offer the viewer a chance to question the very essence of harmony, all while retaining a gentle guidance towards unity and aesthetic contemplation.

Segments, Parts & Pieces

Segments, Parts & Pieces


Video collage of moments, colour and pattern


In the simplicity of a line, I discover a profound beauty that resonates deeply. Its unadorned clarity, its inherent potential to lead the eye into infinity, and its power to guide the viewer through a scene is captivating for me. In my artwork, I juxtapose the representation of the masculine, a symbol of structure and authority, upon snapshots of natural occurrences, a sunset, light dancing on water, the Dead Sea. This juxtaposition is a reflection of an inner yearning to exert control, to disrupt, and to manufacture the very realities we find ourselves entwined with.

Amidst this interplay, it's the mind that seeks to unravel the threads of truth, only to reweave them in its own image. In my journey, I've been drawn to the inherent beauty within all things, recognizing the potential for elegance even in the most mundane. My desire has been to construct my reality in such a straightforward manner that I can navigate it with clarity, never to lose myself again, I see this expression through my work.

Memories of my journey transformed into graphic compositions offer a new dimension of beauty to the narrative of my growth. This artistic exploration becomes a visual chronicle of transformation, revealing layers of understanding.

I continue to explore these themes of light on water and the horizon with an unwavering fascination, weaving their essence into my creative journey. Continuing to converse through the language of shape, line, and space, I embark on a multi-dimensional composition that extends beyond the visual. Within these works, memory converges with time, creating an intricate tapestry of sensations and experiences. I aim to capture the ephemeral nature of moments suspended in time, allowing them to resonate beyond the constraints of the present.

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