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Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth


Inspired by the ancient practices concerning the yogic chakra system and the illuminated bliss state, I come back to the body through a digital lens. I endeavor to breathe life into the sacred concepts and practices that have been the vehicle throughout my exploration. My intention is to encapsulate the essence of traditional imagery while infusing it with a contemporary vibrancy. In this dance of pixels and light, I aim to spark an inquiry into the mystical aspects that have guided generations.




A series depicting of mystical concepts and practices


Returning to the visual representation of the human body, I continued the dialogue initiated in my earlier works. My intent was to visually trace the evolution of the human spirit, crafting a visual narrative that evoked the simplistic depictions of Gothic art in Christian churches. Through photography and digital manipulation I aimed at an atmosphere reminiscent of illuminated stained glass windows. In these images, the human form stands bare, marked by the imprints of humanity, stripped down and exposed, awaiting a divine illumination, ready to receive a profound blessing of light. This series encapsulates the intricate journey of exploring mysticism, tracing the profound layers of human consciousness and the quest for inner radiance.

I have been captivated by the promises of the mystic traditions and dedicated my life to following a path away from the repartition of addiction. In those early days, my seeking was infused with naivety, a desperate quest for salvation from the torment of my own mind. The promises of the unknown fascinated me, and I found myself entangled in associations that the mind conjures when yearning for deliverance.

My seeking led me to the ancient wisdom of the chakra system, a trail marked by clues I found in both Egypt and India. Along this path, I learned from a diverse range of teachers, gurus, and practitioners, each contributing to my unfolding understanding. Through my artistic creations, I aim to encapsulate a perspective of some of these teaching, translating my experience into a visual language. My work captures the fragmented nature of the mind, the shadows of reality that lurk beneath the idealized aspirations. Recognizing that the traditional path to enlightenment often woven with abstract narratives and poetic concepts, which often spellbound the seeker in the mysteries of the unknown.

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