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of the Spirit

Anguish of the spirit may look like a personal crisis.
Anguish of the spirit may look like depression.
Anguish of the spirit may look like burst of anger.
Anguish of the spirit may look like confusion.

In this chaotic game of ascension, where people busy themselves in the madness. Desperately reaching for distractions to find moments that ignite us.
A flash of bliss, 
a pump of validation, 
a rush of escape, 
a moment to be kind
flickers of light amidst the spinning of our minds. 

Have you been that child, neglected, your reach for nourishment ignored?

Have you been that by-stander, unworthy, in the audience watching joy?

Have you been that bird in a social cage, trying to sing in vain?

Have you ever been that candle trying to burn whilst in the rain?

Anguish of the spirit
Equals sadness of the soul. 
That emptiness inside that drives our fear of being alone.

Anguish of the spirit:
Something no-one talks about. 
Our judgment, shame, our intolerance manifesting as self-doubt.

Anguish of the spirit:
Keeps an addict in their hell. 
No words have yet been found to say what the heart can only tell. 

Our anguish of the spirit our unifying collective pain. 
To live with war, rape and child abuse could send anyone insane.

Our anguish of the spirit needs space to be expressed. 
So we can start to hear the truth about our self created mess. 

When we learn to show our wounds and explore our suffering, 
harmony and space are found at the centre of our being.

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