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Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth


For a long time I have been driven by an insatiable quest for freedom —freedom within the recesses of my mind, within the chambers of my heart, and within the tapestry of life itself. Along side this quest, I've embarked on a relentless search for the freedom to create, an unshackling of my artistic expression. The desire has been to swing open the doors of my personal boundaries, inviting creativity as unadulterated play to birth an embodied experience of unbound consciousness.

Because I Am

Because I Am

2022 - 2023

Permission to draw what you feel


During my sojourn in Ibiza, the Spanish essence seemed to infuse my work. My approach evolved from paper to collage and paint, manifesting as a simplistic and innocent yet evocatively nostalgic expression.

A mindful process of crafting intricate patterns that create a space to hold a chaos of color. This practice has been my anchor, helping me navigate overwhelming moments within a stress-laden environment. Each return to this process fueled my resolve to venture beyond the boundaries of visual comfort. I granted myself the freedom to rebel, to engage in playful exploration that transcends meaning and immerses in the sheer pleasure of uninhibited expression.

I admire artists who break free from institutional confines, forging a connection with a more liberated expression. These artists sought an authenticity of creation that extended beyond the collective mind. The concept of the "Outsider Artist" is one through which I can find the permission to value the work that I create for what it is..

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