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Guiding You On Your Journey Of Self-Discovery


Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth

Who Am I

morris monroe

Struggling with the messiness of addiction and living in survival mode I was not able to see my full potential. My ignorance blinded me from the possibilities of what I could create in life.

Recovery, for me, has been a process of holistic development and a reconnection with a sense of what move beyond. The patterns that shape patterns, the subtle forces that move us through life. Acknowledging depth and expanse, the decent and accent, the past and the future with an aim 

About Me

I see that we all possess unique qualities that set us apart from one another. These qualities form the essence of who we are and shape our experiences. For me, there is one particular attribute that stands out and defines my journey: My Depth.

For the past 8 years I have been navigating my own deep journey of personal transformation and self healing. Through dedicated practice and an exploration of alternative therapies, I have recovered a connection to my true-self from the disassociation of trauma and continue to find ways to master the mind. Through exploration and self-care I have developed skills that supports me to feel empowered and positive about the future I am creating for myself.

One of my core beliefs is in the power of energy healing to facilitate profound shifts in the mind and body. I've witnessed how energetic work can clear the path for transformation across physical, emotional, and mental realms.

My journey also took me to the serene landscapes of Northern India, where I dedicated my time to learning mantra, a powerful tool for the mind. Today, I use this tool extensively in my work, helping others master their thought patterns and navigate their emotions.​


Journey of Recovery: Overcoming addiction has been a pivotal part of my life. I'm now 4 years sober and harnessing all of the functions that have for a long time been repressed.

Embracing Healing: My journey has led me to delve into the intricacies of the human condition, addressing my own limitations, and learning to navigate life and find resilience whilst nurturing myself through and beyond depression and anxiety.

The Field of Harmony: I am dedicated to imparting holistic awareness techniques, striving to foster a more all-encompassing society. My ultimate goal is to empower individuals to attain the inner equilibrium that we all would like to be able to access.

Within the fluctuations and noise of your life,
your struggles don't need to define your narrative.

You can craft your own character arc,
live an inspired life and feel good from within. 

If you're reading this, you're likely seeking a change, a shift towards a more balanced life, both internally and externally. Read my personal statement to gain an overview of my work and approach.


Background: British working-class Xennial with a unique blend of Zambian-Irish genetics.

Individuality: I identify as Queer man, with a non-binary view of gender. Embracing my true self as someone with neuro-divergence and celebrating diversity.

Exploring the Intersection: As an adult I have learnt to manage a cluster of mental, emotional and development issues that were disrupting my way of approaching life, which has opened me to experiencing first-hand the added layers of depth within the personal experience.  

What I Teach

Self-Observation: Learn New Skills
Meditations . Journal Prompts . Guided Practices . Body Awareness Techniques . Self-Regulation Tools . Visualisation Experiences . Insights . Focusing Skills . Mind-Mastery Practices . Research . Contemplations . Affirmations . Belief Re-setting Hacks . Creative Tasks . Encouraging Self-Expression . Processing Feelings . Self-Healing . Discovering Personal Truth . Self-Empowerment . Improve Self-Image . Behaviour Modification . Emotional Wisdom & More 

How It Helps

My approach to self observation empowers individuals by addressing 4 key areas:

Self-Knowledge: as a foundation for personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself.


Holistic Awareness: recognising the interconnectedness  of the body, brain, emotions, and spirituality in the human experience.


Transformative Learning: programs that integrate lesson-by-lesson content, multimedia resources, and experiential practices to foster personal growth.


Purposeful Living: enabling individuals to live a purposeful life, embracing authenticity, depth, and maturity as they navigate their personal growth journeys.


Nomadic Spirit: 7 years ago, I embarked on a process of letting go and surrender, opting for a nomadic lifestyle.

Artistic Impact: I believe that creativity is a key to unlocking our talents and connection to truth. My work history includes 8 years as an Art Teacher in a high school and sixth form, passionately nurturing young artistic minds, and 6 years guiding Adults to explore their creative expression.

Empowering Transformation: Following my training as a traditional yoga instructor and energy work practitioner, I've dedicated 5 years to guiding the practice of self observation. Today, I support others to access inner truth through exploration and discovery.

When I teach yoga, my aim is to guide students toward discovering the truth beyond the mind. Through the practice of self-observation, we can witness our physical form as the foundation of the mind, regulating our nervous system and enhancing our self-awareness.

I find deep satisfaction in teaching and am passionate about empowering others with the knowledge and practices they need to become more informed about themselves. My commitment to a life of ongoing practice and learning fuels my mission to make holistic development and self-observation accessible to all."

Please note that this is a revised version of your text, highlighting your journey and experiences while maintaining clarity and flow.


My journey in holistic development and self-observation practices has been a profound one. I've delved into various facets of mind-body therapy and trauma-informed studies, gaining insights and skills that have transformed not just my life but those of many I've had the privilege to guide.

My experiences include:
- IQM Energetic Kinesiology Levels 1 & 2
- Reiki Levels 1 & 2

- Sekhem Energy Practitioner 1 & 2
- Initiation as a brother of an ashram in the Himalayas, where I studied mantra under the esteemed guru Ishputra
- Completion of a rigorous 400-hour Yoga Teacher Training program, specializing in self-observation practices and meditation, which I've been teaching for over four years

My journey also led me to a fulfilling decade-long career as a secondary school art teacher. This experience has given me a deep understanding of the importance of trauma-informed education for both young people and adults, emphasizing the need for safe spaces to learn and grow.

For the past four years, I've been coaching teens and adults on their journeys of recovery and self-discovery. When the world shifted during the lockdowns, I transitioned my support online, teaching self-regulation practices and processes that enhance self-observation and authenticity.

In my pursuit of continuous growth and development, I'm currently immersed in studies focusing on the mind-body connection and attending various short courses. My approach to guiding others is grounded in my own extensive personal practice.


Elevating Consciousness: Embracing a holistic awareness of our human experience whilst also observing the details of how we function as individuals, can bestows us with the ability to make more informed decisions. This self-knowledge enables us to break free from old patterns, societal conditioning, and progressing from survival thinking into a thriving mind-set. As a teacher and mentor my aim is to distribute the knowledge of this path as accessible education.

Creating Impact: As humanity transitions into a new era, I firmly believe that a profound and expanded understanding of ourselves is essential. My mission is to inspire others, through my own growth, what can be achieved.

Over A Decade Teaching Experience

A Unique Blend of Body, Mind Practices & Energy Work

A Practice Based Approach to Personal Growth

Go Within

Through learning body dialogue skills, somatic meditation, shadow work, emotional processing skills along with the knowledge of the chakra system, we can explore our inner landscape in a productive way.


My sessions usually start and end with a meditation enabling you to feel grounded and centred before beginning the inner work. With the understanding that the answers to your issues lie within the body, we apply different techniques to uncover the body’s truth. As you learn how to observe and process your inner experience, I will guide you through the release what has been repressed. By showing you how to understand your unconscious patterns, we can support dynamic shifts in your perceptions and behaviours.


Through this meditative approach, the sessions are held in a space of relaxation and we learn to trust the body's intelligence, allowing the natural process of healing to happen as we let go of stress and tensions that cause us to feel and act in ways that have been disruptive.

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