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Guiding You On Your Journey Of Self-Discovery


Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth

Kim Rosansky 

Three years ago Morris opened my eyes not only for Yoga but everything that comes with it. Since then he accompanies and supports me concerning finding myself and my inner truth. I participated in various methods of the Bodybrain Alignment mentoring, like reiki or 1:1 sessions, which helped me to find and feel my blockages & emotions, see & analyse them from different perspectives and most importantly find release. I started participating in Morris daily group meditation sessions. And I’m confident to say that I feel myself evolving. In addition I've been part of the chakra awareness program for several weeks now. Being aware of the chakras and experiencing their power through techniques like toning, affirmations or breath work, made me feel more aware, focused and lighter. Morris is a beautiful person and such a wonderful soul. His warm aura and empathic way of listening and talking helped me to open up immediately. I’ve been in therapy many years before I met Morris and there’s no doubt that Morris’ way of connecting and supporting me made me stronger and more confident than I ever felt before. I’m happy and grateful that Morris and his program is a part of my journey and that I can rely on his support anytime. I highly recommend joining the Bodybrain Alignment mentoring. You will find a safe place to open up, feel and express your emotions and get to know you, your body and your mind on a whole new level. And to you Morris: Thank you so much for your work and your empathic way of helping me & so many others.

Jeremy Macky 

I met Morris at a lonely and confusing part of my life, and over the past few months he has guided out of a self-loathing and sadly resigned existence to a place where I can start to build a new relationship with myself. He did it not by following rules or strict treatments, but by connection, listening and giving freely of the wisdom he’s gained. I’ll never forget the relief I felt when he made me understand that I knew everything I needed to know to bring about change, that my anxiety and worry weren’t inevitable cores of my being. So many of the issues were lifelong struggles for me, and through his patient listening and calming meditative and breathing exercises, he helped me to see and feel my own solutions, and find my own way to experience life in a more calm and centered way. It feels now like I’m gradually beginning to see the real wonder in the world. Most importantly, he listens to me as a person, as a man navigating today’s world, and as somebody that can make this journey. That’s really what made me connect with him - he’s traveling the journey himself, and he’s incorporating techniques and practices from practical real-life experience, not from any strict dogma or school, even though he’s deeply knowledgeable about spirituality, yoga, philosophy and psychology. He’s listening and pointing out to me the thoughts and techniques he thinks might be helpful. For the first time I’m excited about the journey, looking forward to finding out more about myself and the people around me, and for the first time consider myself worth consideration. Morris guided me towards a better outlook on my life, one that’s opening up more and more every day.

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Andrea Adam 

Shadow work .. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about starting it. I also knew that my subconscious behaviours were causing emotional distress to myself and some of the people that I love and I did not want to continue that pattern any longer. Having just completed the Monroe method with Morris, I feel so much lighter, more spacious, more peaceful and have so much more insight into the reasons behind my behaviours. It is deep work but Morris has a steady voice and presence whereby you feel completely safe to go to places of discomfort necessary for deep change. I now have a sense of compassion for my younger self, for what I buried in traumatic moments, feelings that I did not know how to express or were not acknowledged and my older self walks with a new found confidence that comes from knowing myself better. Now we have identified the reasons behind my subconscious patterns of behaviour I feel better equipped to continue this work and transformation towards a future of more conscious choices, words and way of showing up in the world. I’m excited to further explore working with Morris and would highly recommend his work and the Monroe method to anyone feeling stuck in behaviour patterns that no longer serve them.

Sadia Shiriff 

Words can’t express the gratitude I feel having had the experience working with Morris. When I travelled to Sri Lanka I had never thought I would meet such a remarkable person who has impacted my journey on rediscovering my true self. It always felt like I was missing a piece of a puzzle and together with Morris and the reiki sessions and meditation therapy we did, I have found the missing piece and can now work on putting the pieces together. Morris is such an intuitive, pure and sensitive person. He has the ability to connect on such deep levels, creating a safe environment where there is room to feel and surpass all different kinds of emotions and turn them into positive energy. It is the best gift you can give yourself! To be able to work with him was certainly one the best experiences I have ever had!

Adam Watts 

For much of my adult life, I have sought to find ways to make peace with difficult childhood experiences that have resurfaced from time to time in my adulthood. I have also struggled with procrastination towards finishing creative projects. Morris holistic therapeutic blend of psychology, meditation and mental pathways made intuitive sense to me and helped me to rediscover my heart voice. Through the sessions with Morris, I have brought presence of self and wellbeing into a very conscious place. I am able to break down the narratives attached to childhood experiences in a profound way and have recommenced a big creative project that was shelved for 15 years.

Hannah Smith 

I first met Morris in August 2019 at a retreat in Ibiza. At the time I was very lost due to several cascading issues in my life. Primarily poor mental, emotional, and physical health which fed into relationship issues. I had gone from being an active participant in my life, to feeling constantly drained and in a state of chronic pain, anxiety and depression. I was very disconnected from my emotional wellbeing and was unaware of how this feeds into our physical experience. I have participated in 1:1 emotional processing sessions, joined in with the relaxing and grounded morning sessions and receiving ongoing mentorship. I have found Morris to be a very approachable, grounded, calming influence over the last 2 years of what was a dark turbulent time; abusive relationship coupled with post-covid health complications. At my worst I was in bed for days, sometimes without energy to eat, to now feeling a huge reduction in emotional/ physical pain and tension in my body. I am still recovering, yet I truly believe I will make a 110% recovery. I believe I have benefited tremendously from having a male mentor to help begin to heal deep past male relational issues. Individual sessions are very supportive, with clear guidance and work effectively to help release and realign mental and emotional blocks. I always notice a big positive shift in my mindset and body, and in day-to-day life afterwards. I continue to use BBA path for my practice along with several other healing modalities, because I believe this approach is suited to my personal healing goals of being the best version of myself, I can be. I am much more confident and aligned with my authentic self today than I have been in the past. The process can be challenging and requires individual work, but the work feels less confusing and scary when I have the support of this programme and community! Get involved and you will not regret it!

Katie Greaves

A lot of us have had traumatic experiences growing up. These can remain ‘stuck’ in the body, and the mind, creating both limiting beliefs and behavioural patterns that may play out way into adulthood until we delve into shadow work. I feel that Morris’s work is really important. Especially if we want to feel more FREE and OPEN to life and really attract what we want. What’s great about Morris’s work is that we really delve into where beliefs / traumas are held in the body, so we get to decode and process them not only mentally but somatically too. Morris has a real conscious presence in sessions, his methods are super grounded, practical, and non judgemental. He really helped me to work through some teenage experiences which had really shaped my lens on relationships. I was able to see vibrationally I was attracting partners that were really not right for me. I still continue to use many of his tools today. If you are looking to decode and reprogram unhealthy patterns with a compassionate individual I really recommend Morris.

Claire Ashworth 

The time, your presence and your experience that you so generously shared with me last year has made a greater difference than possibly you're aware of and I know more than I am yet fully aware of. My meditative practice is still early stages however it's become something, like my cycling, that I now need and make time for regularly. It's addition to my other practices around self-love and connecting with the community around me (local and global) have helped me see more clearly where I may be getting in my own way when it comes to honouring love for myself. I at times hear your voice or feel an echo of your presence and that guides me in how I respond to what I am facing. This space i've created with the self-love has helped me be more mindful, and therefore more effective, in using that love to share my resources and gifts in places that would benefit from them - ultimately leaving me feeling more connected to the world and the people on it than I did previously. There is so much more ahead of me to discover and become and this is where I think I may remember your voice or presence in different ways in the future.

Larisa Mustar 

Working with Morris has been incredible experience of growth. Every time we commune, I find myself standing taller, speaking freely and with ease, inspired by the wisdom this man carries.
As a hypnotherapist I find people like Morris are rare and precious gems with whom I can dive deeper into awareness of self and feel supported to grow in an intellectually informed environment. Morris's mission of bringing BBA education to the world holds significant importance in order for us as individuals, community, humanity can evolve. His approach to growth is an incredible balance of intellect, logic, analytics, supported with safe space to feel, express and return back to ones authentic self. I see anyone who gives themselves an opportunity to work within BBA education will highly benefit in all life areas. Thank you Morris, for being you.

Lisa Samateh 

I did several yoga classes, meditation classes, and reiki sessions with Morris, and he is nothing but amazing in all that he does. Seldom have I met someone with such a calming and grounding energy. He gave me so many new insights, and helped me develop my spirituality in new ways. We did some very intense but healing meditations that have helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend his services, as he is a very creative, wise, and beautiful soul that became a good friend that I very much cherish.

Laura Zhang

I've been more in tune with the bubbly, slightly frantic energy that has been brought into my awareness, at my centre, inside my heart, getting to know this energy a bit more through a non judgmental and loving lens, and acknowledging or realising that this energy needs an outlet, needs to be channelled in a meaningful way.
It's interesting to have awareness and acknowledgement of this fuzzy, twisty ball of energy at my core, and knowing that that's there. Listening to those messages and outreaches of elastic sensations or whirlwind sensations within. And with that awareness, understanding how I can best harness this fireball, this multi-elementary fireball inside. It feels fiery and airy and a bit watery. I'm grateful that journeying through your program together, helping me acknowledge this space and put me in a certain direction so that I can gently work on harnessing my true energy in a way which serves me. I think that I have done that before but with less awareness, so I'm interested, having this awareness, in how the next year or the next several years will unfold.

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