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Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth


The canvas and paper where my sanctuary. Amidst the struggle of addiction and suffering of a fragmented mind, they held space for me to connect with unconscious feelings. In the presence of a blank canvas, what was unknown become known. Each stroke of color and mark of charcoal allowed me to communicate unfiltered emotions. Being present with a durational process creates space for the inner voice to be heard. And within this liberation from expectation, a profound truth emerged, as the paper became a mirror reflecting the depths of my being.

In His Shadow

In His Shadow

2012 - 2013

Making sense of the pain body


Introducing 'In His Shadow': This series of figurative studies in paint, pencil, and charcoal encapsulates the essence of the pain body within a man, held within the confines of his shadow. The concept behind this work revolves around the creation of gestural archetypes that vividly portray various emotional and psychological states. Each piece is a representation of the internal struggles and conflicts experienced by an individual trapped within the clutches of their shadow self.

The genesis of this series originated from a deeply personal and cathartic journey. Driven by a need to comprehend my inner world, I embarked on a therapeutic artistic exploration. The process of creating 'In His Shadow' provided an avenue to freely express the intricacies of emotions and thoughts, transcending the confines of narrative storytelling. Instead, the focus was on capturing raw and unfiltered expressions that translated the profound depths of a man's internal world into tangible reality.

Beyond being a personal exploration, this series possesses a universal quality that resonates with the struggles faced by all men within an oppressive patriarchal system. Each piece captures a moment frozen in time, a snapshot of insight, self-awareness and consciousness during a specific wave of suffering. The series bridges the gap between the individual and the collective, inviting viewers to delve into the emotional complexity and shared experiences that tie us together as human beings.

'In His Shadow' is not merely an art collection; it's an invitation to explore the depths of the human psyche, to confront the shadows that linger within us all, and to find solace in the shared struggle of our inner darkness.

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