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Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth


Geometry speaks to me in a way that I find soothing, counter to the anxieties that I can feel associated with social inter-actions. I also find that the meditation on a simple shape can unlock a deeper level of self-awareness. Sometimes I have found myself lost in between the boundaries of the reality known by others and what connects me to my perception. When I come back into the ground of myself these works are what remain.



2015 - 2020

Exploring the subtle relationships between line, shape and space

London, Ibiza

Inspired by the reflections of Kandinsky on the spiritual dimensions of art, I am captivated by the delicate interplay between line, shape, and the expanses of space. Within the embrace of geometry and line, I find a refuge, a sanctuary where the precision of mathematics resonates deeply within the corridors of my mind. This connection forms a circuitry within me that culminates in the tranquil purity of appreciation. In other words, looking at shapes and line help to regulate my mind. Amidst the intricate tapestry of human relationships, I find this subtlety easier to grasp a clarity that often eludes me in social matters.

As I savor the quiet beauty concealed within the simplest of arrangements, I experience the stirring of a subtle sensation—an awakening within me that prompts reflection. I am led to question the essence of the feeling that stirs within my body. Is it my soul?

In both my paintings and video compositions, I undertake a bold and graphic exploration of this subtle awareness—a declaration of my determination to unearth a sense of purpose within the core of my existence. It's an endeavor to create a unique harmony that resonates within me as I journey through the realm of the mind.

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