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Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth


I love watching the way light dances on water. This interplay of nature has enchanted my senses, evoking a sense of joy and wonder that goes beyond words. This magical mindful experience is something I cherish deeply. Something ethereal which I try to show through this work. From the moment I first see it through the meticulous process of composing the resulting video, I am fascinated by this.

Light on Water

Light on Water

2018 -2020

A rework of mindful observations


My artistic journey is steeped in mindful observations of the world around me. I hope to cultivate a keen eye for details—the subtle interactions of light upon water, intricate patterns, and the mesmerizing dance of movement—that hold the spirit captive within moments of sheer fascination. It's in these moments that I find myself deeply connected to the present, engaged in a meditation.

I explore how the captured video snippets can serve as doorways into an alternate visual dimension. In this nexus of time and space, something transformative takes shape, transcending the original context to birth an entirely new essence.

The repetition of these moments, akin to a visual mantra, offers a path for the mind to find solace, relaxation and regulation. The medium of video amplifies this exploration, enabling me to delve into composition in a distinct manner. The natural elements framed in the geometric continues the theme of expression versus structure, elevated by the art of visual layering that imbues depth.

Each video encapsulates a single moment, much like a solitary contemplation, where something profound can be realised. I aspire to impart not just visual beauty, but also the intangible essence of these moments. Beyond the mere aesthetics, I strive to capture the transcendent nature of mystic practices, offering viewers a window into those elusive moments of heightened consciousness. Through this process, the ephemeral is transformed into the eternal—a testament to the beauty that resides in the timeless.

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