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Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth


As I embraced the freedom to wander through the corridors of possibilities, navigating uncharted territories of creativity. I chose to actively divert from the established paths; I ventured into the unknown, driven by an ardent desire to craft a new narrative for my own existence within the collective. The canvas became my sound board, and through strokes of color and the dance of geometry, I began to sketch a new landscape for the very fabric of reality. Awakening me to the truth that I held the power to shape my own destiny. With every stroke, I affirmed to myself that there was a spectrum of existence beyond the culture that I had been conditioned into — a space where dreams take form and possibilities unfolded in vibrant hues.

New Dimensions

New Dimensions

2014 - 2018

Spiritual aspirations beyond the third dimension

London, India

Continuing the artistic odyssey, my second series, 'New Dimensions,' embarks on a journey that transcends the veil of our everyday 3D reality, delving beyond the horizon into the uncharted realms of the astral imagination. It's a voyage fueled by the profound yearning for change, a whisper from within that acknowledges the existence of a greater tapestry, one woven with threads of mental expansion and soulful desires.

This time, my creative compass drew inspiration from the twilight works of artistic luminaries such as J.M.W. Turner and Monet. Their genius sparked a gentle influence on the narrative I was crafting. A was compelled to experiment with the contrast between the geometry and expression, giving life to a visual dialogue between the universal and the mystery of the human psyche. The striking juxtaposition of the masculine and the feminine, approaches the duality that stands as a question mark before humankind.

What emerged goes beyond the ordinary, beyond the confines of thought. I hope these compositions resonate with a frequency that connects with the soul. The blend of colour and contrast of forms becomes a portal, inviting the observer to decipher the emotion. As hues blend and lines converged, a tangible shift in consciousness is witnessed, from a need to understand to the stillness of the witness. Like a whispered secret from the cosmos, these artworks converse, beckoning individuals to partake in a unique narrative that belongs to the idea of the inexplicable.

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