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Guiding You On Your Journey Of Self-Discovery


Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth

Community & Support Hub

Welcome to a space where healing, self-discovery, and community support converge. 

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Personal development, healing, and holistic growth is a unique and transformative adventure. Bodybrain Alignment (BBA), is not just a pathway but a community—a space where individuals committed to their well-being can come together. Whether you're just starting or seeking to deepen your practice, this supportive ecosystem provides various avenues for connection and growth.

You're Not Alone

Explore a creative approach to the practice of Self-Observation

Online Practice:

Meeting: 2958492587

Password: alignment

Join fellow seekers on a journey of self-discovery, where you can freely ask questions and share the profound insights you encounter.

BBA Transformers:


This group is a haven for those in need of support as they navigate the waves of their deepest pains. Find solace and shared understanding as you process and heal.

Core Wound Healers:


For the courageous souls embarking on a journey into the depths of their being, this group provides a space to share experiences and insights.

Shadow Workers:


Join one of the vibrant WhatsApp communities.

Connect, share, and grow with like-minded individuals who understand the path you're on.

WhatsApp Community:

Dive into the realm of relaxation with tools and techniques designed to bring tranquility to your mind and body.

Effective Relaxation Techniques:


Explore a reflective view of observing and managing your nervous system, fostering self-regulation for a balanced life.




Delve into the eight aspects of interoception, discovering tools to enhance your self-observational skills and improve your overall experiences.

The Art of



Explore the strength of community and the guidance from other peoples experiences as you navigate the intricate landscape of your inner world.

Workshops: 2024 Dates TBC

Practice the eight principles designed to embrace the receptive aspect of being, propelling you forward on your journey of growth.​

The Wheel of Growth


Embark on an exploration of your feelings and emotions as you journey towards your inner truth. This course unfolds the profound wisdom concealed within your emotional experiences.

The Wisdom of Feelings


Learn the seven-phase process for emotional processing, gaining mastery over your emotional landscape.

The (BBA)

Monroe Method


Live Courses: 2024 Dates TBC

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