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Guiding You On Your Journey Of Self-Discovery


Nurturing Holistic Awareness & Growth

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WILDMEN TRIBE: Men's Retreat

Whole-Person Growth is a Lifestyle Choice

Navigating Your Unique Journey of Self Discovery

Are You Looking for a Personal Development Mentor?



'I was an addict for most of my life, escaping from emotional pain and poor mental health. I saw myself and the world in a very limited way. Due to a sense of anguish of the spirt, I radically changed direction in my life, travelled East turned inward and looked for answers. My reconnection with myself has required me to develop a new set of skills that I am eager to share.'


Both self-observation and traditional meditation offer pathways to self-awareness and inner peace, they utilize distinct approaches. Meditation is a journey towards stillness and non-attachment, whilst self-observation is an active engagement with the intricacies of our inner world. Both are valuable aspects of awareness for those seeking to evolve beyond conditioning and unconscious patterns and align with whole-person development.


Together, we'll cultivate balance across your emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

Discover Your Path: Relax as you find direction, confident that you're on a purposeful journey.


Supported Journey: Feel the strength of support as you navigate challenges and overcome obstacles during your self-discovery.


Application for Growth: Apply transformative lessons to become the most authentic version of yourself.

Support & Encouragement:


Feel guided on a profound journey of self-discovery through frameworks carefully crafted for holistic development.

Tailored Practices: Learn practices tailored to meet your individual needs.

Effective Tools: Apply the right tools at the right moments.

Holistic Development Tasks: Engage in tasks fostering whole-person growth and conscious evolution.

Guidance & Direction


Life's challenges are transformative when viewed through the lenses of science, spirituality, philosophy, and wisdom. 

Personalised Recognition: Acknowledge the depth of your unique experiences.

Balancing Science and Spirituality: Learn from different perspectives for a comprehensive understanding.

Elevating Consciousness: Explore wisdom to elevate your perspectives and expand the scope of your field of awareness.

Learning& Inner Growth


I see myself as a Way Shower, here to guide others along their own path of healing, awakening and creative expansion.



Are You Looking for a Personal Development Mentor?

Are You Looking for a Personal Development Mentor?

Coming Soon!

Unravelling the Threads:

A Starters Guide

to Self Observation

by morris monroe


Individual sessions are very supportive, with clear guidance and work effectively to help release and realign mental and emotional blocks. 

Adam Watts

This holistic therapeutic blend of psychology, meditation and mental pathways made intuitive sense to me and helped me to rediscover my heart voice. Through the sessions with Morris, I have brought presence of self and wellbeing into a very conscious place. I am able to break down the narratives attached to childhood experiences in a profound way

Jeremy Macky

I’ll never forget the relief I felt when he made me understand that I knew everything I needed to know to bring about change, that my anxiety and worry weren’t inevitable cores of my being. So many of the issues were lifelong struggles for me, and through his patient listening and calming meditative and breathing exercises, he helped me to see and feel my own solutions.

Andrea Adam

It is deep work but Morris has a steady voice and presence whereby you feel completely safe to go to places of discomfort necessary for deep change. I now have a sense of compassion for my younger self, for what I buried in traumatic moments, feelings that I did not know how to express or were not acknowledged and my older self walks with a new found confidence that comes from knowing myself better.

I believe I have benefited tremendously from having a male mentor to help begin to heal deep past male relational issues.

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